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Good Machine Learning needs the right data

OneTag is an Artificial Intelligence Engine defined as an independent full-stack and big-data analytics.
Our innovation solutions respond to the use of a smart machine learning, respectful of the privacy of users, and above all effective against the real goals of digital planning.
Three years ago, in response to the growing complexity of the programmatic advertising world, we ventured into creating an intelligent full-stack technology, capable of self-learning and delivering efficiency to the ecosystem.

The know-how acquired in developing such a large infrastructure from scratch - scalable and redundant, GDPR compliant, but above all efficient - now allows us to offer a cutting-edge product for our digital market, in terms of lexibility and results.


The loading time of the ads is directly related to the CTR, since wasting even 1s in the display leads to a loss of inventory quality

Our proprietary header bidding solution has been created to ensure transparency, ease of implementation,, and maximum yield while minimizing page latencies.
Thanks to the combined use of server-side and client-side technology, FastBid allows you to manage a joint auction between different SSP and Networks with maximum effectiveness.
Considering that demand-side algorithms take CTR into account, as well as Viewability, FastBid aims to minimize latencies both on display spaces and especially on video inventory.
FastBid can be used in its entirety, as well as integrated through other header bidding wrappers, to harmonize the auction and reduce server-side calls.


Simple implementation and plug-n-play.
Perfectly integrated on both display and video..
Compatible with DFP.
Managing of floor prices on your SSPs via a single dashboard..
Unified reporting with counts of all your platforms.

FastBid is free up to 3M of monthly requests, and only costs 0.01 CPM on subsequent requests.

Privacy by design: OneTag provides a tailor-made and GPDR compliant CMP solution. Contact us to discover more

Meritocratic system that rewards the quality of the inventory.
KPI-based yield management to increase coverage.
Flexible and competitive tech fee
Direct access to the demand of the world's largest DSP
Automatic scanning delle creatività, of creativity, especially on mobile devices


Transparent pricing is the key to a new programmatic era

We have developed our SSP technology inspired by an ecosystem based on transparency, where tech fees respect human work in the creation of deals, and where algorithms reward the inventory based on the actual amount of delivery.
OneTag Exchange is a transparent and cost-effective solution, based on a complex inventory and campaign results scoring algorithm. Our yield management system is based on traffic KPIs as well as the price offered by DSPs, thus increasing the yield of higher quality spaces.
You'll have direct access to the impressive demand of the world's largest DSP,, without compromising the safety of your inventory.


In a market where there is a lack of clarity about numbers, and which treats PMPs in the same way as the OpenMarket, we decided to exhibit our two different technology fees:


15% on monetized impressions.


8% on monetized impressions.


A full automation engine to embrace cross-channel

We are working on a fully automated cross-channel platform, where Artificial Intelligence guides human decisions and provides automatic optimization against campaign goals.
Currently available for all Programmatic Web campaigns, we are working to connect all other important advertising channels, from DEM to Smart TVs.
In the web environment (desktop and mobile), OneTag works on all IAB formats, video and native,, and allows the use and creation of innovative formats,, compatible with delivery in programmatic.









We love innovation to the point of placing ourselves at the forefront of experimentation and search for new solutions to the problems of the digital market.

Proprietary Fingerprinting Technology
Big-data infrastructure on-premise
Advanced and innovative analytics system
Gigabit connections with Infiniband RDMA
Conscious Use of Neural Networks
Cross-device optimization techniques

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